DD-710's 1946 radio gang.
In June 2005, Warren W. Groeneman emailed this 1946 photo
of USS Gearing's radio gang, and has identified all of the shipmates:

Back Row from Left: William C. Rowe, RM3; John M. Rementaria, RM3; Alton W. Ellis, RM2;
Ben S. Klimczak, RM3; Floyd J. Belscamper, RM1 *; G. C. Dixon, RM1; Carl T. Lloyd, RM3 *
Front Row from Left: Dan Butler, RM3 *; Vincent J. Dagrosa, S2 *; J. David Feiler, RM2;
Wiley L. Cronic, S1 *; Morris Ziontz, RM3; William A. Ross, S1 *; E. C. Herrmann, RM1