Derry Mount pix

Photos from Derry L. Mount, BT2, 1959-1961

Louis Armstrong plays for
Gearing crew on the pier at
Abidjan, Ivory Coast in 1960.

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book page of the concert.

"30 knots and just a tad of
smoke. Had to be the after
fire room. The forward fireroom
never smoked."

"Forward stack."

"Tin cans galore."
USS Lowry DD-770 is
moored on the right.
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"Heading south through the Suez Canal."

"Decks awash."

"Many Gearing guys heading up
a mountain in Italy."

Going alongside the
USS Altair AKS-32 for
underway replenishment

"Me (Derry Mount) after a typical day
in the boiler room. Always a dirty place
to work but I loved it."
"Shots (above and 2 below) of the
damage after we were rammed off
of Norfolk."

"At sea...did a lot of plane guarding which
was 4 on and 4 off for the fire room watches."

"Lowering the Captain's gig. Think
we were near Cuba on this shot."