Gearing at anchor in Villefrance in 1949. Read more below...

Don Provost (Ltjg 64-67) bought this original photo in an eBay auction and posted it on this website asking if anyone had more information about the visit. It shows DD-710 anchored at Villefranche with an accomodation ladder on the starboard side and two boats alongside. "USS Gearing 1943" is written on the border, but we all know DD-710 wasn't launched until February 1945.

Conrad Hebert (MM2 48-52), who maintained a diary of where he was during his time on the Gearing, has nailed down the date for us in a November 2001 email: "Gearing was there on April 28 thru May 1 of 1949. I just got back November 2 from a cruise in the Med. and was in Villefrance on October 23. After 52 years it still looks the same!"

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