USS Gearing sails again in David E. Meadows novels

David E. Meadows, who served some TAD time on USS Gearing, and is a retired USN Captain, has used his many years of sea duty and 5,000 flying hours as background for a recent series of paperback novels:

"The Sixth Fleet"
"The Sixth Fleet - Seawolf"
"The Sixth Fleet - Tomcat"
"The Sixth Fleet - Cobra"

"Joint Task Force - Liberia"
"Joint Task Force - America"
"Joint Task Force - France"
"Joint Task Force - Africa"
June 2001
November 2001
February 2002
August 2002

September 2003
January 2004
September 2004
March 2005
"Dark Pacific"
"Dark Pacific: Pacific Threat"
"Dark Pacific: Final Fathom"

"Final Run"
"Echo Class"
"Charlie Class"
September 2006
January 2007
June 2007

May 2008
February 2009
November 2009

In the first book of the series, "The Sixth Fleet", USS Gearing has a significant combat role. She is now an Admiral Zumwalt DD-21 class destroyer. The underlying theme of the Sixth Fleet series is that American forces are suddenly drawn, undermanned and unprepared, into a new Mediterranean conflict. What happens is expertly told by Captain Meadows in language and style all sailors clearly understand. The reader sees the action through the eyes of enlisted and officers alike.

In the "Dark Pacific" series, USS Gearing makes a reappearance, providing ASW support to the 80+ acre floating SeaBase. She is back again in "Echo Class" on the lookout for Russian subs.

Don Provost (this web page author/owner) has read the novels and makes this unsolicited recommendation: These are great, fast-action books that are hard to put down. You won't be disappointed (except maybe by what happens to the USS Gearing in "The Sixth Fleet"!)