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OOD Don Provost at the starboard pelorus, 3/67

This page is donated to help expand the presence
of DD-710 and USS Gearing Association on the internet.
It is not an official voice of the organization.

Many thanks to Association Historian George Jones,
Secretary Bob Witkowski, and also to Dominick Giampietro,
Art Jackson, Paul Curley, Steve Ferguson, Victor Fredda,
William Freeman, Tom Hart, Conrad Hebert, Allan Jefferis,
Jim Jordan, Paul Kelly, Dale Malquist Don Ruggles and
John Thayer for their past and ongoing assistance with
facts and history and/or supplying of photos.

My reference for statistics has been Robert F.
Press, 1995.) 288 pages, loaded with great
details, drawings and photos.

Page author Don Provost, Ltjg 64-67, requests
help with pictures/text to make improvements
on the content presented above. Neither the official
USS Gearing Association site nor this site has
unlimited data storage capacity.

To expand the coverage of Gearing memorabilia, it is an easy matter to set up links between
Association member's web pages. There would then be plenty of room for more photos,
history, trivia, etc. Setting up a web page is not as hard as it may seem, and the "free"
storage space on the server is often going unused unless you set up a page! Don Provost